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I am converting json date from something like:



Mon Oct 22 16:37:04 UTC+0800 2012


var date = new Date(parseInt(dateData.substr(6), 10));

Is there any way to change the format to just show the month, date and year (Oct 22, 2012) instead of including the timezone and current day using similar if not the same code as the one I'm already using? Thanks so much.

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You should work on your acceptance rate. –  Tim Büthe Oct 22 '12 at 10:23

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Checkout datejs which has powerful formatting capabilities. Using the toString FormatSpecifiers, you can provide a custom pattern like this:

new Date().toString("MMM dd yyyy");
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Thanks, I'll give it a try. –  user1597438 Oct 22 '12 at 10:32
Thanks, this worked for me. I have another question though, if I were to add the time here, should it be something like new Date().toString("MMM dd yyyy 00:00"); ? Or would the approach be different if the time were to be included? Sorry, I was told that we needed to show the time as well. –  user1597438 Oct 22 '12 at 10:36
I figured it out. Thanks so much for the help. –  user1597438 Oct 22 '12 at 10:48
Glad you figured that out. For everybody else: format specifiers can be looked here: code.google.com/p/datejs/wiki/FormatSpecifiers –  Tim Büthe Oct 22 '12 at 13:28

You can try this:

var formattedDate = date.toString().split(" ").slice(1, 4).join(" ");
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You may want to use momentjs With something like this :

moment(1224043200000).format("MMM Do, YYYY");
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