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I am working on multithreading in java and created 1 thread here is the code:

class SampleThread extends Thread
        int time;
        String name;
        boolean autocall;
        public SampleThread(int time, String name)
            this.time = time;
   = name;

          public void run()
                  time = time +1;
                  updateView(time, name);
              }catch(Exception e)

Now I want to run this thread every 3 seconds how to achieve this??

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I'd recommend not doing it this way. Have a look at the new classes (well, not so new) in the java.util.concurrent package, especially ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor.

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Use Java.util.Concurrent for the new implementations.. if you are using JDK 1.4 or below then use the following approach.

boolean isRunning = true;
public void run() {
        do {
           try {
                System.out.println("do what you want to do it here");
            } catch ( InterruptedException ie) {
           } catch (RunTimeException rte) {
               isRunning  = false; // terminate here if you dont expect a run time exception... 
        } while ( isRunning );
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