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I am integrating with a 3rd party API (echosign) and one of the things I need to specify is a callbackURL.

"A publicly accessible url to which EchoSign will do a HTTP PUT operation with the final signed PDF. HTTP authentication is supported using standard embedded syntax - i.e. EchoSign can also ping your system using HTTP GET every time there is a new agreement event. Please contact if you wish to use this option."

How would this work in rails?

I was going to expose a controller method. Would this need to be PUT method? How would I access the contents of the file?

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Yes, you need to provide a put route to an action that will consume the upload.

Check for the upload action

Enter like the following to your config/routes.rb to add a PUT Route to the eccording controller..

match '/mycallbackurl' => 'MyEchoController#upload', :via => :put
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