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I am making a Java Application and one of the features I want to add is tracking users and reporting their check in time to the application (to be seen by management). This is a B2B solution that I intend to market to a variety of customers. I am trying to figure out

  1. What is the de facto hardware / standard used in RFIDs like what kind of hardware should I buy and test/develop on so that I can get it to work on the customers' setups.
  2. What APIs can I be using for this. Someone referred me to Java-RFID API but I am not sure if that is the best option available.
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For testing and developing I'd have a look at one of the Arduino varietes around. I don't have firsthand experience with Arduino and RFID myself, but the platform itself is very easy to get into, especially if you know some C/C++.

Just google Arduino and RFID and you'll get lots of hits.


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