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Marking up a search result list with HTML5 semantics

i've a list of items from a query to database. Now i want to display them to user via HTML.

My initial way is like this:

    search element 1

I'm wondering if there is a better semantic way with HTML5 like:

    search element 1

Does anyone have a better semantic way?

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No. Article and Section weren't introduced in order to further abuse the standard, but to have a clear connection between tags and content. You should use them only when you're indeed describing sections and article instances.

Search results are necessarily a list, and should be used within <li> tags. It doesn't really matter, though, whether you use an ordered one or not.

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If your search results are ranked (probably by relevance), you should use an ol element. Each result would be its own li. If each result consists of more than a link (e.g. with text snippet, author name, publishing date etc.), use article for it, too.

ol describes that the results are ranked, article describes that each result represents a self-contained entity (that could be syndicated in a feed).

I gave a markup example as answer to another question:

<ol start="1">

  <li id="1">
     <h1><a href="url-to-the-page.html" rel="external">The Title of the Page</a></h1>
     <p>A short summary of the page</p>
         <dd><a href="first-category.html">First category</a></dd>
         <dd><a href="second-category.html">Second category</a></dd>
         <dt>File size</dt>
         <dd>2 <abbr title="kilobyte">kB</code></dd>
         <dd><time datetime="2010-07-15T13:15:05-02:00">Today</time></dd>

  <li id="2">

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