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I've local checked out copy of the svn branch(my branch) to which i've merged from the different branch(which has a completely different folder structure). So basically there are a lot of deletions( of old files) and additions(new files).

Now when i try to commit this to the repository(to my branch), the svn says, "This commit is not recursive, and there are moved/renamed folders selected for commit. Such moves/renames are always performed recursively in the repository.Do you want to commit anyway?"

Is it fine if i proceed with this commit? If not what should i do so that there's no problem.

Also for some files that i've svn-added , i've made changes after adding (If this affects the nature).

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Found by Google how to fix it: press F5.

See http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/ds/viewMessage.do?dsForumId=757&dsMessageId=2831045 for details.

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I just found this post also. I cancelled my commit and then started the process again and received no warning - I think it was because I reverted from the commit window which caused that 'file system change' that this post refers to, and Tortoise did not notice that it had caused that change itself and so should have been up to date. –  misteraidan Apr 23 '14 at 6:38
When my 'Commit' window was opened, I opened Visual Studio. It made some changes with file structure and this message appears. After refreshing Tortoise Commit dialog, everything was committed without any problems. –  LukTar Feb 9 at 9:54

I had the same issue but resolved it by reverting changes to files that I had marked to 'ignore-on-commit'

Once I reverted these files, then tortoisesvn was able to commit all the other files from the merge

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Thanks so much for this! F5 didn't work, but this did! –  Brett Sep 5 '14 at 7:28
I also had several files on my 'ignore-on-commit' change list. F5 didn't work, but reverting the changes on the 'ignore on commit' list worked like a charm. –  jff Jan 23 at 12:04

Is it fine if i proceed with this commit?

No, your commit will ignore all changes in WC-tree and reflect only root-level changes (broke merge)

You made error, when checkout non-recursive initially. You can try to perform good full commit using --depth infinity parameter in CLI-command or find this switch in TortoiseSVN GUI

svn commit --depth infinity . -m "Merge"
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The problem could be, that your mergeinfo is deleted by someone or automatically, because the infos moved up in the tree. If you are gonna merge them in again, it will work for the moment. But all others will get problems with their not merged branches. SVN will loose some code and merge already submitted code again.

So reverting those files and changing them again could work, but you should not just commit the changes.

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i don't know a option for tortoisesvn but u could use the command line

svn commit --non-recursive [folder]

thats sould work just as u like it to work greeings

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