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I have the following that I'd like to make all lowercase...

echo '<a href="/people/' . $row["Location_County"] . '/' . $row["First_Name"] . '-' . $row["Surname"] . '/' . $row["ID"] . '">View Profile</a>';

Each county is capitalised as well as their names, is their a way I can force this all lowercase? Is it poeeible to do it with htaccess or can I do this using PHP?

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What is your current .htaccess? You just posted PHP code, so wondering? – hakre Oct 22 '12 at 11:17
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You have to do that manually using strtolower():

echo '<a href="/people/' . strtolower($row["Location_County"]) . '/' . strtolower($row["First_Name"]) . '-' . strtolower($row["Surname"]) . '/' . $row["ID"] . '">View Profile</a>';

And this issue has nothing to do with mod_rewrite at all, because it works before the request is processed.

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Use strtolower:


And read documentation before asking question, please. It covers 99% of basic questions.

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Example :

echo strtolower("your String");

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echo '<a href="/people/' . strtolower($row["Location_County"]) . '/' . strtolower($row["First_Name"]) . '-' . strtolower($row["Surname"]) . '/' . $row["ID"] . '">View Profile</a>';

Use strtolower(); function

Here is the Strlower() function And if you want you can make uppercase too

You should really look in to these on they are basic functions.

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