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I'm new to Vim. Say I'm editing a doc and have added some words to the end of a line. I'm still in edit mode with my cursor at the end of the line.

I then decide that I want to copy the 4 words before my cursor and paste them to the end of the line below. If I use escy4b I miss out the last char.

How would an experienced vim user achieve this?

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I've realised that my question was badly posed. I specified '4' words when what I meant was 'the words I've just typed'. Kay has answered the question as posed but Conner has answered the question I meant. In view of the question's title I guess I should accept Kay's? – Lobert Oct 23 '12 at 7:04
the "accepted answer" does not necessarily have a formality to it; it's completely up to your judgment. However, that being said, this comment is a little self-serving. Go ahead and accept Kay's answer since he was more expedient and provided a working solution. – Conner Oct 23 '12 at 13:53
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I would just use this:




for this specific case where your curosr is at the end of the line.

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I would use Aadd some words to end<esc> then just do j. to repeat that insertion.

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