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I have a an object in my mongodb collection. Its schema is:

    "instruments": ["A","B","C"],
    "_id": {
        "$oid": "508510cd6461cc5f61000001"

My collection may have such object, but may not. I need to check if object with key "instruments" exists (please, notе, I don't know what value "instrument" is ay this time, it may contain any value or an array), and if exists - perform updation, otherwise – insert a new value. How can I do this?

collection.find( {  "instruments" : { $exists : true } }, function(err, object){
    if (object) {
    } else {

doesn't work ((

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If you want to insert a document if this is not found, you can use the upsert option on the update() function

collection.update(selector, document, {upsert:true});


If you want to find if an object exists, you can do this:

Let's say you have these three documents in your collection

> db.test.find()
{ "_id": ObjectId("508536a8813bcd91eefdd024"), "a": [ ] }
{ "_id": ObjectId("508536af813bcd91eefdd025"), "a": [ "a" ] }
{ "_id": ObjectId("508536b4813bcd91eefdd026") }

Using find with the $exist operator, mongodb will return documents which field contain an array with value(s) and an empty array

> db.test.find( { a: { $exists:1 } } )
{ "_id": ObjectId("508536a8813bcd91eefdd024"), "a": [ ] }
{ "_id": ObjectId("508536af813bcd91eefdd025"), "a": [ "a" ] }
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thats good, thanks, but I actually have no idea what to place as a 'selector'. The best way will be smth like "instrument:[...]", but I don't know what is the current value of "instrument". –  f1nn Oct 22 '12 at 13:27
your selector is { "instruments" : { $exists : true } } and the document is what you want to update it to, for example $set something or $push to append an element to an array –  GianPaJ Oct 22 '12 at 15:29
I just want to use the unique key I've defined on the table to determine update v.s. insert. I don't want to have to specify it again in the selector parameter. Is there a way to do that? –  sming Jul 29 at 10:14

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