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I'm attempting to upload a simple one page web page using Heroku.

I was previously using the Play! Framework but it seems overkill for a single page with some javascript.

+ project/
 + public/
  + css/
  + img/
  + js/

How do I upload a basic set of static files to Heroku? There seems to be no documentation on their website on how to do this.

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It is not the purpose of Heroku to host static websites. However, you still can do it but you have to create either a Ruby on Rails, Play, etc. project, add the HTML in the folders.

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Heroku doesn't really support static web pages, it supports Apps. However, a static web page can trivially be 'enhanced' to be a PHP application by adding a dummy index.php.

So if you want to host a file foo.html as a Heroku app Foo, then: 1. Create Foo on Heroku. 2. [Clone empty repository to local directory] git clone git@heroku.com:Foo.git -o heroku 3. touch index.php 4. [add foo.html] 5. git add . 6. git commit -m 'test' 7. git push heroku master

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