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I want to extract frames from a video and apply some filters on it such as gabor/hough etc. Which Java library would be perfect for handling all kinds of video encodings? I have been looking at GStreamer, JMF, Xuggler etc. but am unable to decide which one would be the best. I'm also looking to edit the frames and make the video with the new frames.

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If you're looking to do low level operations such as extracting frames and manipulating them, then Xuggler would be the best choice, because the APIs are geared around this low level. It works on ffmpeg so can handle all types of video encodings.

Don't use JMF for anything, it's old, outdated and buggy - GStreamer is good, but the API lends itself more to playing videos rather than manipulating the frames.

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Thanks! I guess it's Xuggler then. It also looks like OpenCV for Java can be manually configured… - any ideas on if this would be better? – abhishek Oct 22 '12 at 12:47
I haven't uesd OpenCV so can't really comment, but would still probably lean towards Xuggler since it's a pure Java API which should make the task easier. – berry120 Oct 22 '12 at 12:48

JMF is a good choice. But if the process time is important in your code, it's better to use Xuggler. Obviously, JMF is more general than Xuggler.

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