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I have a field enq_id - it currently contains numbers such as:


Now, I need to update the field in two ways, firstly I need to find out if any of the numbers are more than 6 characters long (there shouldn't be but I need to check). I then need to set a character limit of 6 characters on that field and then, finally, add 0's to the beginning of any enq_id that isn't 6 characters long to make it 6 characters.

Any ideas?

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If the following returns the result you're trying to achieve:

    IF(CHAR_LENGTH(`enq_id`) < 6,
    ) AS 'result'
FROM `some_table`
WHERE CHAR_LENGTH(`enq_id`) != 6

Then using the following will update your table accordingly.

UPDATE `some_table`
SET `enq_id` = 
    IF(CHAR_LENGTH(`enq_id`) < 6,
WHERE CHAR_LENGTH(`enq_id`) != 6

Note that the SUBSTRING() function deletes all the characters after the 6th character, and LPAD adds preceding zeros (in the above example) if needed, to each record.

UPDATE: For some reason I added an extra condition. The optimized code(s) should have been:

SELECT `enq_id`,LPAD(`enq_id`,6,'0') AS 'result'
FROM `some_table`
WHERE CHAR_LENGTH(`enq_id`) < 6


UPDATE `some_table`
SET `enq_id` = LPAD(`enq_id`,6,'0')
WHERE CHAR_LENGTH(`enq_id`) < 6
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Perfect - thanks. – Homer_J Oct 22 '12 at 13:02
No problem. For some reason I added an extra condition for the records with length > 6. I'm updating the code. – inhan Oct 22 '12 at 13:04
Thanks again! Really is appreciated. – Homer_J Oct 22 '12 at 13:46

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