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Ive been using the Native Wifi winAPI documentation but I still do see it really clear.

I want to turn off the wireless adaptor and the bluetooth adaptor of my computer by using the winAPI in c++. Im almost sure I have to use the function WlanSetInterface from the mentioned library, but I cant make it work, I don't know how to call the function properly. Has anybody done this same task before so I can get some help?

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It is not quite clear what do you mean by "turn off the wireless adaptor", but as far as I know, SetupDiChangeState API can be used to enable/disable a device.

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With turn off wifi adaptor I mean switch off the wifi connectivity from my computer, same as if I switched off the physical button on the laptop. – Nicolai Oct 22 '12 at 14:54

Check out SetupApi this api allows you to tamper with the hardware devices.You can't do it using wifi api or bluetooth.

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