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I am searching a solution to configure an Android mail account from a Web URL/link.

The Android Device Administration API (since 2.2) is very restrictive and does not include mail account configuration.

On iOS, there is configuration profile system. You just have to download it to configure your iOS device but what is the good way to do with Android devices ?

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Hi, have you found a solution ? – senior Dec 15 '13 at 12:52

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There is nothing like configuration profile on Android. The whole concept of MDM on Android is very different than on iOS (which you saw already).

Take a look on these questions regarding email configuration. However, all of them are related to configuring it through the execution of code on device:

Configuring a 3rd party email account in Android programmatically

How to successfully add account to android E-mail Database?

Android Email Programmatic Setup

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