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Hi i want a pop up and disable all page(on which the pop up is) and show facebook fanpage like button or social share buttons and make it compulsory like/share to every visitor or else he need to wait for some 15-20 secs to view main page

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What have you tried? This is no write-my-code-for-free-please site. – matthias krull Nov 19 '12 at 17:40

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You need to do the following. See what I did and implement it. the setInterval will run every 15 seconds, but the to do list in the interval is wrapped with a if statement, so it will only apply it once.

<script src='path/to/jquery.js'></script>
#popup {
 add you styling


<div id='popup'>popup content</div>


var repeatPopUp = 0;


if(repeatPopUp < 1){


}, 15000);

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