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I have problem with dataTable fnRender. I used it to change my cell value from value to input with value.

My part of code:

{ "sTitle": "Cena netto",
              "fnRender": function(obj) {
         var sReturn = obj.aData[ obj.iDataColumn ];   
         sReturn = "<input type='text' id='Tcena_nettoZ_"+obj.aData[0]+"' class='cena_n'  name='Tcena_nettoZ_"+obj.aData[0]+"' value = '"+sReturn+"'/>";

         return sReturn;

Now how can I change value other cell in this row when I change this value? I add class to this input but code :


Not work.

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Just an FYI: fnRender is being deprecated and should no longer be used. If you're using 1.9.x, use mRender. – BLSully Oct 22 '12 at 13:40

The reason your alert('a'); isn't working is because that element doesn't exist at document ready .... you need to use delegated events.


$('#your-table-id').on('change', '.cena_n', function() { alert('a'); });
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If I understand your question correctly, change is not the function you want to use.

To modify the value of an input tag, you should use val() :

$('cena_n').val( 'newValue' );
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