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My app is getting Reminders data from the Reminders.app and events data from Calendar.app.

My app's data needs to be in sync the Reminder.app and Calendar.app how can I achieve this?

At the moment I'm saving an ID for calendar events that I get from the property - eventIdentifier from an EKEvent (I'm also saving the event title). The documentation states that this ID most likely will change if the calendar of an event will change. So how would I deal with if the user changes calendar for an event?

Should I search the user's calendars for the event title and if I find it then update the ID for this event? That seems to be the only option that I have.

Dealing with Reminders there doesn't seem to exist an ID property for a Reminder. Although EKReminder inherits from EKCalendarItem which has two ID properties calendarItemIdentifier and calendarItemExternalIdentifier here I'm not sure on which one to use.

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Did you ever get this figured out? I'm starting in on integrating with the Reminders app, and the documentation isn't really clear on how to handle event updates. –  bmueller Feb 21 '13 at 22:33

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I ended up using the calendarItemIdentifier as ID for the Reminder events. If that ID doesn't exist anymore in the EKEventStore I use the title of the event and other data to look up the event in the EKEventStore to try to find a match. It's definately not fool proof but it's what you have at your hands.

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