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I am writing a custom registration / authorization module for joomla and I'm wondering how with default joomla methods I could change user password? At the moment I have:

private function UpdateUser(){
    $user = JFactory::getUser($this->user_data['username']);
    $user->set('password', $this->user_data['password']);
    $user->set('password2', $this->user_data['password']);
    // $user->bind();

but the password is not updated.

P.S. $this->user_data includes other staff about user, but i need update only password.

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private function UpdateUser($username, $password){

    $user = JFactory::getUser($this->GetIdByUserName($username));
    $password = array('password' => $password, 'password2' => $password);
        die('Could not bind data. Error: '.$user->getError());
        die('Could not save user. Error: '.$user->getError());

private function GetIdByUserName($username){
    $query = $this->db->getQuery(true);

    $query->where('username=' . $this->db->Quote($username));

    if(isset($this->db->loadObject()->id) && !empty($this->db->loadObject()->id))
        return $this->db->loadObject()->id;
        die('No id');
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