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I encounter a strange problem with quad function. I was using quad to calculate simple integral, and it worked for 10 to 20 times, then Matlab issues the following error:

Error using quad (line 75)
The integrand function must return an output vector of the same length as the input vector. 
yteor(k) = quad(@(q)(exp(-(q).^2).*q.^2/(k.^2+1)), 0, 1);

Here q and k are scalars. I can not get what is wrong and why it worked several hours ago.


Here is my code

for k=1:100,
end plot(xteor,yteor,'r');
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The error message seems pretty self-explanative. Could you show your code? (ideally, working and not working one) –  FabienAndre Oct 22 '12 at 14:14
The whole code is too big so i will send the part which integrate and plot the graph: –  Sergei Sokolov Oct 22 '12 at 14:40
for k=1:100 xteor(k)=step*k; yteor(k)=quad(@(q)(exp(-(q).^2).*q.^2/((step.*k+1).^2)),0,1); end plot(xteor,yteor,'r'); –  Sergei Sokolov Oct 22 '12 at 14:41
Matlab thinks that i send him a vector but I send him a scalar. –  Sergei Sokolov Oct 22 '12 at 15:04
You can edit your question (grey link under the post), and try to use Markdown formatting. Finally, it is often well seen to provide full working example (here, adding step, xteor and yteorinitialisation. –  FabienAndre Oct 22 '12 at 15:10

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The following snippet works for me on Octave (Matlab GNU clone)

step = 1;
xteor = zeros(100,1);
yteor = zeros(100,1);

for k=1:100,

My hypothesis is that your error is the consequence of something else happening earlier in your code (maybe related to step not being a scalar?). Instead of focusing on this line where the error arise. Try to search what you have changed just before the error appear.

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Yep, thank you. I looked through the code and found that somewhere I occasinally put "."))) Anyway thanks a lot for help!!! –  Sergei Sokolov Oct 22 '12 at 16:06
Welcome to SO! Since you are new, you might want to check this link. –  FabienAndre Oct 23 '12 at 5:18

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