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I have a class that inherits from JsonConverter: JsonDataBagCreationConverter<T> : JsonConverter where T : IDataBag

I have a class Company that implements IDataBag

When I deserialize a single property of Company JsonDataBagCreationConverter has its ReadJson method invoked as I expect. When I deserialize an array of Company, JsonDataBagCreationConverter has its ReadJson method invoked as I expect. It also works for generic lists of Company.

But for certain containers of Company json.net will not recognize that the contents of the list is of type Company. So JsonDataBagCreationConverter is not used when I deserialize.

ie containers of type System.Collections.DictionaryEntry, System.Collections.ArrayList, System.Collections.Hashtable, System.Collections.SortedList that stores Company objects.

I know that these containers are non-generic. Is it possible to make the (de-)serializer look at the contents of these containers and use the JsonDataBagCreationConverter when the contents is Idatabag (ie a company)?

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Remove the where T : IDataBag from the converter and override CanConvert and write your logic to check your type there and accordly return true or false.

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