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This is an example of the search results I may get if I search for "File Manager":

row, id, class_name, display_name, version
1, 15, FileManager, File Manager, 5
2, 13, FileManager, File Manager, 4
3, 11, FileManager, File Manager, 3
4, 10, FileManager, The File Manager, 2
5, 9, FileManager, The File Manager, 1
6, 12, ReviewManager, Review Manager, 2
7, 2, ReviewManager, Review Manager, 1
8, 5, ExerciseManager, Exercise Manager, 2
9, 1, ExerciseManager, Exercise Manager, 1

I want to do pagination such that I have X results in a page, with similar results group together. i.e. if I want 3 results per page, I should have rows 1 to 9 selected. This is cos based on class_name rows 1-5 are similar results, similar for row 6-7 and row 8-9 => 3 groups. How do I do that? Similarily for the next few pages, how?

I was thinking worse come to worse I will use a cursor to loop through and count, which I think is very inefficient, So I am hoping to see a more efficient method. I thought of using TOP or ROW_NUMBER, but these doesn't make sense cos I don't know which rows to get...

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Are you using SQL 2012? – podiluska Oct 22 '12 at 14:30
No, MS SQL 2008 R2 – yeeen Oct 23 '12 at 1:53

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