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I don't know what I've switched on (by accident) but every time I have the Inspect Element area open and then try to click anything on the webpage not within the Inspect Element area (especially something jquery related like a slideshow for example) it greys the page, shows a message saying 'Paused in debugger' and then opens a jquery file within the Sources section of Inspect Element.

Within the 'Call Stack' area, it shows a message saying 'Paused on a "click" Event Listener'.

I don't remember switching this feature on but I'm desperate for it to be switched off!

I know this question has been asked before - I thought I'd found the answer when everyone suggested we look to see if the 'Pause' option is switched on (blue). However, it's not switched on, it's grey not blue or any other colour and when I hover over it, it says "Don't pause on exceptions. Click to Pause on all exceptions".

I'm at a loss, can anyone help me? It's driving me insane!

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You might also check the Source tab, check under the Event Listener Breakpoints panel if you've set any breakpoints under 'Mouse'.

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you are a genius! it was this that was affecting it... I don't even remember switching this on but I'm glad it's sorted! Thank you :) – Jo H Oct 23 '12 at 9:20
Thanks! An hour of frustration later... There should really be a link on the message to indicate what causes it. It's very easy to randomly miss click something somewhere and never know about it. – Killroy Apr 6 '15 at 14:39

Found solution here, if the little octagonal stop/pause sign (at lower left of Chrome "Sources") is colored (blue or purple), you need to click on it until it's black again.

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thanks saved me from lot of frustration – Anoop Isaac Nov 15 '13 at 21:43

Go to Elements tab and remove all breakpoints from right pane under DOM Breakpoints

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I've just checked and there's nothing there, it just says 'no breakpoints' – Jo H Oct 23 '12 at 9:19

Goto the sources tab and check all breakpoints.

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This can also cause the issue

Break Point icon at top left should be blue like this(For Deactivate BreakPoints)

enter image description here

Should not grey like this

enter image description here

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One possible cause, it that you've enabled the "pause on exceptions" (the little stop-sign shaped icon with the pause (||) symbol with in in the lower left of the window). Try clicking that back to the off/grey state (not red nor blue states) and reload the page.

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