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Today I was creating a shared library in a project containing multiple targets where I first had only one (and no shared lib) when all of a sudden my project produced the following error when trying to run.

"The destination does not support the architecture for which the selected software is built. Switch to a destination that supports that architecture in order to run the selected software."

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Do not change the bundle name and the Executable file in info.plist. I changed them and got this error. After I changed them to default, the error's gone.

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Thank you, this did it for me. I also had to delete deriveddata and restart XCode. –  Chris Ching Apr 12 '13 at 22:30
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After going through all the suggested steps here on Stackoverflow to no avail I found the answer to be a very simple one ...

I forgot to include the main.m in the targets so an executable would not be built. Adding the appropriate main files to their targets solved my problem.

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The selected destination does not support the architecture, maybe can help you. I have release the question by the way.

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I would also comment on what the link is about and include a bit more detail in the body of an answer. Links can change. Some context would be useful! –  Parris Nov 7 '12 at 3:39

Select Info.plist in your project navigator tree and make sure it is not assigned to a target. I have confirmed this is the correct solution.

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