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For the past few months I've been experiencing a strange one-second delay when I try to scroll up one line with <C-Y>. There's no such delay with <C-U> or <C-B>.

I scanned through all my mappings and I believe I've narrowed it down to the ZenCoding plugin, which has several normal mode mappings for <C-Y> followed by a letter. Apparently the wait time to press a letter is one second, and if no letter is pressed, it proceeds with the default <C-Y> behavior.

In my vimrc, is there a way to either disable all normal mode mappings for a specific plugin, or to reset specific mappings to their default state?

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Normally, plugins define mappings starting with <Plug>, and check whether the user has already customized it. In such a case, you remap like this:

:nmap <F11> <Plug>MappingNameHere

However, the ZenCoding plugin seems to define a lot of mappings, where such a scheme would be tedious. Instead, it has a configuration variable that defines the start key. To change this to F11, for example, put the following into your ~/.vimrc (or anywhere else before plugin/zencoding.vim is sourced):

:let g:user_zen_leader_key = '<F11>'
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Great, thanks! I'm going to go with the former method, despite it being tedious, because I only want to change the normal-mode mappings. Insert-mode <C-Y> mappings are fine, because single-line scrolling only works in normal mode. –  mwcz Oct 23 '12 at 14:43

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