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I have imported the subversion repository to Git repository by svn-all-fast-export.

However, after imported the project, I don't know the way to keep maintain reposirory synchonize with the SVN which still have some users using.

I cannot find the way to use git svn fetch or git svn dcommit after done the imported.

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Do you mean SVN <-> Git synchronization on the server? Synchronization between local Git and remote SVN? –  Dmitry Pavlenko Oct 22 '12 at 16:29
Yes. Previously, I use SVN2Git, so, I still using git svn fetch and git svn dcommit because the main repository still in the SVN, not Git. –  scalopus Oct 23 '12 at 3:57

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SVN2Git is for 1-shot conversion. For SVN <-> Git synchronization on the server, you need to setup any SVN-Git gateway like SubGit. To do that run on the server

$ subgit install path/to/svn/repository

And setup Git access to the Git repository created at path/to/svn/repository/.git

Alternatively you can use git-svn locally and just SVN on the server. To start working with SVN repository, clone it first:

$ git svn clone <URL> --stdlayout path/for/local/git/repository

to fetch changes from SVN run git svn rebase and to push current branch --- git svn dcommit

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svn-all-fast-export is incremental, if you're careful not to delete the marks and logs files. So, you can periodically run it on your SVN repository, and it will update the git repositories.

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