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I would like to know how to redirect from **http** to **https** but keep all the resources in safety.

I know IIS' Require SSL protect all resources of the site. But what about redirecting? If I use URL Rewrite module, I have to disable Require SSL option on IIS. Can I teach my site to redirect from http to https but also secure all the resources?

And yes, I must protect all the resources of my web-site. Web-site will be over only by https.

Thank you.

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One option you could consider would be to have 2 websites, one for normal page requests and the other for resources.

Your resource website would only support https, and it wouldn't need to handle redirects.

Your main website would serve both http and https, and issue redirects from http -> https using whatever method you wished, be the URL Rewrite module or MVC's [RequireHttps] attribute.

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Thank you. I'll analyze your solution. And also my web-site will be over only by https. –  Nickita Fabregas Oct 23 '12 at 7:11
I only meant handle http insofar as to issue a redirect to https. –  bhamlin Oct 23 '12 at 7:44

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