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I've got a wierd bug. I have created a listview with headings using another listview using this Ive populated the headings list with a straight array (there aren't that many) and populated the items listview from a preexisting database. Both listviews show up fine and the items click through to the relevent selections ok, but there are entries on the list from outside the search parameters.

This is from the class that returns the lists:

private Cursor getBeginnersCursor()
    this.cursor = null;

        if(this.mDB == null)
            System.out.println("mDB = null");

        this.cursor = mDB.query(TABLE_NAME,new String[]{KEY_ID,GAME_NAME}, "_id > 11 AND _id < 35",
        if(this.cursor != null)
        return this.cursor;
    }catch(SQLException e){
        throw e;

private List<String> getBeginnersArrayList()

    this.cursor = this.getBeginnersCursor();

    String result;

    for(this.cursor.moveToFirst(); !this.cursor.isAfterLast();this.cursor.moveToNext())
        result = this.cursor.getString(1) + "\n";
    return beginnersArrayList;

Many thanks in advance.

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Ok I worked it out. SQLite doesnt seem to treat text integer values the same as Integer values, so it was mixing the id 1 in between id's 9 and 10 and so on. Ive created another column to define the sections instead.

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