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I run through a hash various times, without changing the contents of the hash. I want the hash to iterate in a random order each time (I know that a hash's internal order is random, but I need that random order to change)

The code I want this for is below:

 for (my $i=1; $i<=$PopulationsizeA;$i++){ 
    my $P1 = rand;
    my $total=0; 
    my $Parent1='Parent1';
    my $P1A;
while ((my $Genotype1, my $Fitness1)=each (%Normalisedfithash)){

        if ($Parent1 eq 'Parent1'){ 
            if ($P1A<=$Fitness1){



I need the order of %Normalisedfithash to randomly change for each iteration of the for loop. I saw a similar question however I don't want the values to randomly change keys but instead want the keys to keep their associated value but randomly change order.


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The simplest way is probably to shuffle the list of keys that you get back from the hash. shuffle from List::Util is a good implementation.

use strict;
use warnings;

use List::Util 'shuffle';


foreach my $Genotype1( shuffle keys %Normalisedfithash ) { 
    my $Fitness1 = $Normalisedfithash{$Genotype1};

shuffle will shuffle the list in a different order each time.

Edit: I should say it will shuffle the list in a random order each time. The order might be the same as a previous time by coincidence. :)

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use List::Util qw(shuffle);

foreach my $Genotype1 (shuffle( keys %Normalisedfithash )) {
    my $Fitness1 = $Normalisedfithash{$Genotype1};
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