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in a coded UI test I am trying to copy a dynamic range from excel using range.copy and paste it in wpf grid by ctrl + v.

here is the code for copying the data from xls

            var xlSheet = (Worksheet)excelApp.Worksheets[sheetName];

            XlRange = xlSheet.UsedRange;

and Here is the bit to paste it on wpf grid I click on start cell and then do a ctrl v to paste

Keyboard.SendKeys(CreateMdRebalWindow, "V", ModifierKeys.Control);

But for whatever reason its not pasting it.. data is copied alright in clipboard because if I open a new sheet and do a ctrl v manually. it pastes the values there..

any pointers..?

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For some reason I am not allowed to comment on your question, so I will have to post an answer.

I see that you are using a capital v ("V"). Should you not be using a regular v ("v")?

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@ tsteemers I have Tried Both (v V). but same behaviour – Logic-mantra Oct 23 '12 at 13:57

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