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what exactly is happening when PHP is putting contents (1 MB for example) in a file and the user closes the tab? Could the file be corrupted? How can I avoid that? Thanks a lot

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@MarcB I have already read it. What I want to know is: if I don't use that function, does PHP execution abort during a single instruction or it waits for the end of the instruction? – Surfer on the fall Oct 22 '12 at 15:30
RTM again: ignore_user_abort and see the notes section where it says PHP will not detect that the user has aborted the connection until an attempt is made to send information to the client. So, writing a 1MB file in one go should be safe. – Salman A Oct 22 '12 at 15:34
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This is more a client-side issue...

I solved this problem using Javascript's window.onbeforeunload and window.onunload functions:

var invalid_exit=0;
var submitted=0;

window.onbeforeunload = function(){ 
    if (invalid_exit==1  && submitted==0 ){
        return 'You will lose your progress!';

window.onunload = function(){ 
    if (invalid_exit==1  && submitted==0 ){
    //ajax call when an invalid exit is happening...        

In this case, I used to control variables: invalid_exit and submitted....

You can check if a user clicks a submit button(submitted=1), closes the browser(invalid_exit=0), refreshes the page(invalid_exit=0), etc... Depending on your requirement....

With Jquery you can control every event...

I hope this can help you out!!!

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