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I have a dynamic tree using Primefaces 3.2/JSF2.0/Mojarra/JBoss6. I'm adding childs succesfully at my onNodeExpand method.

    public void onNodeExpand(NodeExpandEvent event){
                  TreeNode parent = new DefaultTreeNode(data, event.getTreeNode());
      parent.getChildren().add(new DefaultTreeNode(null, parent));


      TreeNode child = new DefaultTreeNode(childData, event.getTreeNode());
      child.getChildren().add(new DefaultTreeNode(null, child));

the tree is displayed correctly, but I get a NPE when I try to access the grandparent of a "Child" node.

    public void onNodeSelect(NodeSelectEvent event){
       granPaNode = (NodeDto) event.getTreeNode().getParent().getParent().getData();

this code works well at primefaces 2.2 but no more at PF 3.2

any idea how to workaround this without mapping logicData in another structure?

thanks a lot.

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