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I have two GPS locations. For each I am creating a bounding box in a different range. Each bounding box has min/max latitude and min/max longitude.

Need to implement a method to detect if those two boxes overlap (don't mind the overlap range.. only true/false). Also, this method will be integrated in a long loop so I am looking for the most efficient way to do it.

note: when saying overlap I mean - "there is at least one single point on the map that is contained in both bounding boxes".

Any ideas?

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It's enough to check if one of the corners of one rectangle is within the other rectangle. This is true of these two hold:

  • rect1.minX or rect1.maxX is between rect2.minX and rect2.maxX
  • rect1.minY or rect1.maxY is between rect2.minY and rect2.maxY

This check should take no time at all to do, so efficiency isn't a problem. Also, the order of the arguments is irrelevant.

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But be careful of bounding boxes that cross the date-line, or the poles! –  DNA Oct 22 '12 at 16:14

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