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I have a question about restricting the Admin Console access in version 4.0.3. I would like the admin console to be accessed only from the server in which WSO2 ESB is installed and not from the machines outside.

In tomcat I can do that using the address attribute of the Connector element in the server.xml

like this:

Connector port="8080" address=""

The issue is I am not finding the server.xml within the 4.0.3 directory strcutre.

I found the file catalina-server.xml under wso2esb-4.5.0/repository/conf/tomcat in the latest version. I am not finding a similar file within 4.0.3 however.

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Earlier it used mgt-transports.xml file for transport configurations in ESB_HOME/repository/conf. After the improvements for tomcat layer by adding it as a proper OSGi bundle in the new release tomcat configurations are offered directly to the user to adjust

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