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I found that sometimes google directions service returns zero results with transit transort mode. At the same time https://maps.google.com/ can finds rout for the same adresses.

Pls try:


Returns ZERO_RESULTS, however Google Maps itself returns many results.

http://maps.google.com (->directions)
Origin: Uzhhorod
Destination: Zhytomyr
Departure at: 10/29/12 20:38 (1351544080 - Unix Time stamp)

What is going on?

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That is strange -- I see no technical reason why you'd get no results. Perhaps Google's licensing agreement with the transit provider prohibits them from making the data available via API? –  josh3736 Oct 22 '12 at 17:25
I think no because, when i use other time( before and after that) - i can find routes using direction API with the same provider. –  Brans Oct 23 '12 at 7:16

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It seems that there is undocumented time window(time limits) for departure date. For example, google direction service can search only routes with in 8 hours after departure_time(we need to clear up this window from google developers team) . So solution will be to add 8 hours to departure_time and try for results, and make loop during suitable time. I tested, that works. I think that is the secret of maps.google.com

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