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I use MVVM Light Toolkit and I have two views - main and settings.

Main view

  • data from users (ObservableCollection - SomeModel)

Settings view

  • login to SkyDrive

I want to save data from collection to SkyDrive. What is the best or available solution?

  • use messenger and send data as parameter from MainViewModel to SettingsViewModel
  • get LiveConnectSession from SettingsViewModel and use it in MainViewModel (I would prefer this option or something similar)
  • something else?

Thanks and sorry for my bad English

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I would suggest you to use some kind of shared service, that will allow you to get/set LiveConnectSession. In the SettingsViewModel you can configure and set it, and then use it from any other ViewModel.

But if you do not want to add such service, then you can use your second approach.

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