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In Eclipse Juno if I edit a Java file in a maximized Java Editor and run a unit test the JUnit View shows up in a floating window.

Eclipse Juno screenshot with a floating JUnit View

The Java Editor remains active and the JUnit View hides half of my screen. How can I hide the JUnit window with keyboard shortcuts?

I've used Juno Service Release 1, Build id: 20121004-1855 and it's the same with Juno Service Release 2, Build id: 20130225-0426.

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I went the other way round - using keyboard shortcut to activate editor.

The default is F12, which I found too far to move my lazy finger to. Instead, I rebound it to Ctrl + ;. Its very easy to reach out, and there is no other eclipse shortcut bound to this key combo (at least in my setup).

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Please make sure you are on Juno SR1. There were some fixes in SR1 related to floating windows. For me the JUnit window simply vanishes by hitting Esc or by focusing the editor again.

To ease your pain, maybe you also want to check "Activate on error/failure only" in the view menu of the JUnit view.

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Thanks for the hint! I'm using SR1 and I've updated it too but the Java Editor still remains active. – palacsint Oct 23 '12 at 11:12

Bug 391808 was reported about the Fast View not collapsing when clicking in the Java Editor. I just commented with this particular reproduction of the problem. I see the same issue as you working with Juno SR1. I have to actually click in the JUnit view before pressing Esc will work.

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