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I am doing doing some batch processing to an image file set which demands that the files should be saved with an additional "_corrected" string in the end of the filename, for instance 'IMG_001.tif' should be saved after processing as 'IMG_001_corrected.jpg'.

Here goes my code:

FileList = dir('srgb8bit/*.tif');
N = size(FileList,1);

for k = 1:N

   % get the file name:
   filename = FileList(k).name;
   I = imread(filename);
   Icorr = CorrectedRetinexFM(I,8);
   ** Here should go the save command**

preferrably being able to choose a different directory to save them to. How is that possible?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Your code to read the images doesn't work, as the file.name field only contains the name of the file, not the path to it. You'd need filename = ['srgb8bit/' FileList(k).name];. You can create the file you want to save it to in the same way. –  Isaac Oct 22 '12 at 16:53

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Use fileparts to split the file name and its extension:

[pathstr, name, ext] = fileparts(FileList(k).name);

Note that pathstr is "" since you already stripped that.

And then imwrite like this

imwrite(Icorr, [name '_corrected.jpg']);
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