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I have a problem with searching records based on a fuzzy name search and an exact Regio search. This is what I have now:

What I have now

# :klantnaam is a param from a search-form
@param = Staffingcustomer.search do
    fulltext params[:klantnaam]
@staffingcustomers = @param.results

There is another field, 'Regio'.
The results should only be with a certain 'Regio'.

Example requirements

So for example,
I'm a user with Regio 3. I want to visualize/select all Staffingcustomers with Fuzzy name search Anne and my own Regio 3. So, I don't want to see Staffingcustomers with Regio 2.

What happens now is:

@param = Staffingcustomer.search do
     fulltext 'anne'
@staffingcustomers = @param.results

Will return all Staffingcustomers with all different Regios...

After some research / logic thinking

I think it could be something like the following:

@param = Staffingcustomer.search do
    fulltext params[:klantnaam]
@staffingcustomers = @param.results.find(:all, :conditions => {:regio => 3})


@param = Staffingcustomer.search do
    fulltext params[:klantnaam] and fulltext '3'   ## or 3, without the quotes
@staffingcustomers = @param.results

But that just doesn't seem to work.

Can you help me with this issue?

The logic problem

Actually this is a fuzzy search on an 'exact selected' part of a huge table.

Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance.


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How is this an answer? –  C. de la Fonteijne Oct 22 '12 at 21:08

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I think you want something like:

# find Staffing Customers with Regio 3 and text of params[:klantnaam]
@param = Staffingcustomer.search do
  with(:regio, 3)
  fulltext params[:klantnaam]
@staffingcustomers = @param.results

Refer to https://github.com/sunspot/sunspot#readme . You'll also have to index regio in Searchable block of your Staffingcustomer model as whatever data type you stored in the DB (integer, for example).

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Thank you, this indeed should do it. I haven't tested it yet, because I figured a way around. First I selected all Staffingcustomers where :regio => 3, then I fired a fuzzy search on it. That works. But thanks again, I appreciate your referral. –  C. de la Fonteijne Nov 14 '12 at 8:47

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