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I have a file system task in an SSIS control flow. If it fails, it should not fail the package.

I can force a success on the task itself, and disableEventHander, but how can I get the whole package to return 0 (value of success)?

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Here`s the answer that worked:… – dirtyw0lf Oct 23 '12 at 15:09

You can set ForceExecutionValue to True on the package itself and set the ForceExecutionResult to Success if you want to ALWAYS return a success, or alternatively you can set the MaximumErrorCount higher than the number of errors you have if you want to return success only when a certain number of failures happens.

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  1. Set the FailParentOnFailure property of the file system task to False.
  2. Set the MaximumErrorCount of the file system task to a number that is high enough to accommodate the number of "normal" errors you may receive while running the task.

(See the Microsoft post from 9/3/10)

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Double click on the sequence line and change value to completion.

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