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I'm a newbie to OpenCV. I'm working on a stereo project using 2 webcams. I can display the webcam captures into left and right videos. I want to do the following: When I click on any point on the left frame, I want to find the matching point on the right image (Kinda project the point on the second view using Block Matching or any other algorithm). So I can calculate the disparity. How can I do this? Thanks in advance.

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OpenCV's StereoVar object would probably be a good starting point.

You can create a StereoVar object like this:

StereoVar myStereoVar(int levels, double pyrScale,
                                int nIt, int minDisp, int maxDisp,
                                int poly_n, double poly_sigma, float fi,
                                float lambda, int penalization, int cycle,
                                int flags);

then match pairs of images like this:

// disp will hold correspondences for each pixel in your pair of images.
myStereoVar(InputArray left, InputArray right, OutputArray disp); 

You might have to transform your cv::Mat into an InputArray, but this should be pretty simple.

As for clicking on the pixels to see the correspondence, I bet it's possible, but let's worry about this after getting correspondence computation up and running.

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