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I have a viewModel:

var teamViewModel = {
        teams: ko.observableArray([]),
        selectedTeam: ko.observable(1),
        clearTeams: function(){
        addTeam: function (id, name, isChecked) {
            t = new team(id, name, isChecked);

I want the selectedTeam().id to be initialized as 1, but every time a function is called on page load which references teamViewModel.selectedTeam().id the value is returned as undefined.

How can I initialize this value to 1 before the the function is called?

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In your sample selectedTeam holds the integer value 1 and there is no id property on integer that is way teamViewModel.selectedTeam().id is undefined. You need something like: selectedTeam: ko.observable({id: 1}) –  nemesv Oct 22 '12 at 18:46

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You should initialize selectedTeam with a new instance of team:

selectedTeam: ko.observable(new team(1, "", false))
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