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I'm having an issue trying to capture a group on a string:

"type=gist\nYou need to gist this though\nbecause its awesome\nright now\n</code></p>\n\n<script src=\"\"> </script>\n\n\n<p><code>Not code</code></p>\n"

My regex currently looks like this:


My goal is to get everything in between the code brackets. Unfortunately, it's matching up to the 2nd closing code bracket Is there a way to match everything inside the code brackets up until the first occurrence of ending code bracket?

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All repetition quantifiers in regular expressions are greedy by default (matching as many characters as possible). Make the * ungreedy, like this:


But please consider using a DOM parser instead. Regex is just not the right tool to parse HTML.

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Don't worry, I'm only doing this as an exercise. If I really needed to parse html I'd be using a DOM parser. – Jack Slingerland Oct 22 '12 at 18:43
@JackSlingerland in this case, you shall be forgiven ;). Here is a really good tutorial on regular expressions with this article applying specifically to your problem. – Martin Büttner Oct 22 '12 at 18:48

And I just learned that for going through multiple parts, the

String.scan( /<code>(.*?)<\/code>/ ){
  puts $1

is a very nice way of going through all occurences of code - but yes, getting a proper parser is better...

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