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I am having a problem passing to the View a Model that contains the dropdown data and the model.

With this code my page loads, but the dropdownlist contains "System.Web.MVC.SelectList" when selected.

Here's my controller code.

public ActionResult Index(string productNameFilter, string productCategoryFilter, String productTypeFilter )
    var ddl = new Items();
    ddl.CategoryddList = itemsRepository.GetItemDdl("Item Categories").Select(c => new SelectListItem
        Value = c.DropdownID.ToString(),
        Text = c.DropdownText
    ViewBag.CategoryDD = new SelectList(ddl.CategoryddList, "Value", "Text");
    var model = itemsRepository.GetItemByName(productNameFilter);
    return View(model);

Here's my view

@model Ienumerable<Models.items.items>

                   new SelectList(ViewBag.CategoryDD), 
                   "---Select Category---") 
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Side note - if you use a ViewModel between the View and the Model instead of binding directly to the model, you can put your SelectList on the ViewModel and use @Html.DropdownFor() instead of @Html.Dropdown(). The ViewBag should really be used sparingly.

However back to your original question:

What is "Items()"? in your line

var ddl = new Items();

I'm not sure what good reason you would have NOT to make it enumerable.

I suspect it is not working because you are making a selectlist from a select list twice -- in your code behind you are defining ViewBag.CategoryDD as a SelectList(), and then in your Razor code you are creating a new SelectList() from the existing selectlist. You shouldn't have to do this.

The way I would do this is create a ProductViewModel class that contains your product category list AND your list of products (your current model), and a property for the selected filter.

public class ProductViewModel
    public IEnumerable<Model.items.items> ProductList {get;set;}
    public IEnumerable<SelectListItem> ProductCategoryList {get;set;} //SelectList is an IEnumerable<SelectListItem>
    public string SelectedCategory  {get;set;}

Then on your view the model would be

@model ProductViewModel

@Html.DisplayFor(model => model.SelectedCategory, "---Select Category---")
@Html.DropdownListFor(model => model.SelectedCategory, Model.ProductCatgoryList)
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Hi, Thanks for your time to answer this. –  Stone Temple Aviators Oct 22 '12 at 22:31

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