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I have started learning Canvas in HTML5 and I have a question.

I want create a movable pattern with repeat. (Something like background-position and background-repeat in CSS.)

How can I do this?

I need this to create an animated background for my project.

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Theres a few ways to achieve this the you could use putImageData but you would suffer some performance loss, the best method is to use drawImage. Also note the 2nd method has the code to make it go either from left to right, or right to left.


var ctx = document.getElementById("canvas").getContext("2d"),
    canvasTemp = document.createElement("canvas"),
    scrollImg = new Image(),
    tempContext = canvasTemp.getContext("2d"),
    imgWidth = 0,
    imgHeight =0,
    imageData = {},
    canvasWidth = 600,
    canvasHeight = 240,
    scrollVal = 0,
    speed =2;

    scrollImg.src = "citybg.png";
    scrollImg.onload = loadImage;

function loadImage(){
    imgWidth = scrollImg.width,
    imgHeight = scrollImg.height;
    canvasTemp.width = imgWidth;
    canvasTemp.height =  imgHeight;    

function render(){

    if(scrollVal >= canvasWidth){
        scrollVal = 0;

    ctx.drawImage(scrollImg,canvasWidth-scrollVal,0,scrollVal,imgHeight, 0, 0, scrollVal,imgHeight);
    ctx.drawImage(scrollImg,scrollVal,0,imgWidth, imgHeight);

     // To go the other way instead
     ctx.drawImage(scrollImg,-scrollVal,0,imgWidth, imgHeight);
     ctx.drawImage(scrollImg,canvasWidth-scrollVal,0,imgWidth, imgHeight);

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You can do something like this. First Create one function for moving and trigger that function using setInterval() setInterval method is window object for timing event. it executes a function or an expression over and over again in a specified number of milliseconds.

You can refer post.I created sample snake game using html5 canvas and audio. http://www.arungudelli.com/2012/10/html5-canvas-example-snake-game.html

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You can animate a background pattern with CSS3. You can overlay additional canvas elements on top of the animation and control the animation with JavaScript by toggling classes.

example jsfiddle (fullscreen)

body {

body.scrollbg {
    -webkit-animation: scrollbg   6s cubic-bezier(.4,0,.2,1) infinite;
    ...(moz,ms,o vendor prefixes)...
    animation: scrollbg   6s cubic-bezier(.4,0,.2,1) infinite;

@-webkit-keyframes scrollbg {
      0% { background-position: left  top,    left  top; }
     25% { background-position: right top,    left  bottom; }
     50% { background-position: right bottom, right bottom; }
     75% { background-position: left  bottom, right top; }
    100% { background-position: left  top,    left  top; }

see also:

support is widely available (sans IE < 10)

for IE support you could use something like this canvas animation template

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