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I have a cygwin console running on my windows box, and vim installed and working fine. But when I do an rloging to a server (rlogin running unix) my vim command is launching the vi on my remote box. Is there a way to tell cygwin to "tunnel" the text file that I try to open in the rlogin session to a local vim session just as it does with a local file (applies also to my nedit which I dont have in the remote machine but I do in the local one)?


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That kinda defeats the purpose of rlogin. RFC 1282 defines rlogin as "a remote-echoed, locally flow-controlled virtual terminal with proper flushing of output." For file transfer, try sftp or scp. That said, you should probably be using ssh anyway. rlogin is insecure. – Tsubashi Oct 22 '12 at 19:16

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I'm not sure how or if it would work with rlogin but bcvi is SSH-based and allows you to do $ vim filename on the server and open a GVim window on your local machine.

You can also use Vim's default plugin netrw which lets you manage and edit remote files using, among other protocols, rcp:

" manage files
:e rcp://[username@]machinename/path/to/directory/

" edit file
:e rcp://[username@]machinename/path/to/directory/filename

But… is there a reason for using rlogin instead of ssh?

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I guess there must be, server refuses all ssh connections but always allows with rlogin. – gorba Oct 22 '12 at 19:27
rlogin, rcp and friends are widely considered insecure. If you have an idea of the name of the admin in charge of this machine you should ask him to do something. – romainl Oct 22 '12 at 19:48

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