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I have an application that stores phone numbers as '+11231231234'. To make it easier for the user, I convert it to: +1(123) 123-1234 in the view. I use the number_to_phone helper in rails to do it:

<%= number_to_phone(call.From, :area_code => true) %>

I also want to remove the +1 from the view. What would I need to write to remove the first two characters of the phone number if the first two characters are +1?

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number_to_phone(call.From, :area_code => true).gsub(/^\+\d/, '')
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You are the man Kyle! I'll accept the answer as soon as stackoverflow lets me –  Stepan Parunashvili Oct 22 '12 at 19:43
@StepanParunashvili HA! Thanks. No rush ;) –  Kyle Oct 22 '12 at 19:44

Another way:

number_to_phone(call.From, :area_code => true)[2..-1]

Of course this is valid only if you always want to remove the first two characters but it's easier on the cpu :)

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