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I've been attempting to connect to any (My microcloud instance as well as simply cloud for the past hours with no success. I have seen others ask about connection issues, but it seems like my particular situation was never addressed.

When I attempt to connect to either my microcloud instance or the cloud I always get this error:

Host is not available or is not valid: '[CLOUD_URL]'
Would you like see the response? [yN]: y

Error (JSON 404): <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF/...

Additional Info:

  • Sitting behind company firewall
  • Configured the microcloud to use the proxy settings
  • I can ping my microcloud's domain and get a response, IP is the same as that configured in microcloud instance
  • I attempted to modify my hosts file to point *.[micro_cloud_name] to the IP specified. No success.
  • I get a valid response when attempting to access api.[micro_cloud_name]

Does anyone have a clue what I'm missing here? Or at least how I can see the entire untruncated error response?

Any bit of information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!

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Any luck getting this resolved? – Glenn Oppegard Oct 29 '12 at 23:12

Did you get this figured out? It sounds like your corporate network may use an HTTP proxy. If so, you'll need to set the http_proxy environment variable for vmc to work. Your network administrator should have details about how to set the environment variable.

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you can use vmc -t to see the http trace. This will help you diagnose the problem I guess.

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