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I am trying to write an xcode app with applescript. I need to get user inputed text from a text box and set is as a variable when the submit button is pressed.

Thank You

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I too am just getting to grips with Cocoa-Applescript (and there's not all that much info around!) but it should work as follows, at least this is how I've done it in my app :)

1) Create an outlet for the text field:

i.e. underneath:

 script AppDelegate
     property parent : class "NSObject"


     property myTextField : missing value

The 'missing value' bit is what makes myTextField available in Interface Builder.

2) Create a handler for your button:

 on submitButtonClicked_(sender)

 end submitButtonClicked_

(name it anything you like, but as far as I know it has to start with a lowercase letter and end with an underscore)

3) Link the handler and outlet to their respective UI elements:

  • In Interface Builder, right-click the App Delegate, and drag the circle next to submitButtonClicked onto your button

  • Likewise drag the circle from myTextField to the text field

4) Add a line in the click handler to set a variable to the value of the field:

 on submitButtonClicked_(sender)

     set currentTextFieldText to myTextField's stringValue() as text

     -- do stuff with currentTextFieldText

 end submitButtonClicked_

And if you wanted to put something in the text field:

 tell myTextField to setStringValue_(whatYouWantInTheField)

Hope this helps!

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