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I'm migrating some test cases from JMock to JMockit. It's been a pleasant journey so far but there's one feature from JMock that I'm not able to find in JMockit (version 0.999.17)

I want to check that a mock is never called (any method).

With JMock, all I needed is the following in my Expectations block:


Is it feasible somehow with JMockit?


I might have found a solution but it's not very explicit. If I put any method of this mock with times =0 in my Expectations block then this mock becomes strict and I believe any method called would trigger an exception.

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Try an empty full verification block, it should verify that no invocations occurred on any given mocks:

public void someTest(@Mocked SomeType mock)
    // Record expectations on other mocked types...

    // Exercise the tested code...

    new FullVerifications(mock) {};
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