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I'd like to improve my CSS inline comments and documentation.

I'm looking for a generator that will eat CSS input like:

/* @section 1.0 Foobar *

.foobar { color: #fff; }

/* @section 1.1 Hello *

... css definitions ...

/* Another sub comment *

... css definition ...

/* @section 1.2 Woop *

to output a section overview like:

1.0 Foobar

1.1 Hello

   1.1.1 Another sub comment

1.2 Woop
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I don't know if this covers what you're looking for, but try this

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No, I'm not looking for a sorting tool. – redaxmedia Oct 22 '12 at 20:52
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I wrote a tiny PHP script (console) doing what I was looking for:

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